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Education Protection Plan (EPP) Plus is the foundation on which anyone can build one’s child’s future and career.

Your child depends on you and the income you provide for education and other necessities for life. You want your child to have higher education to give him/her a good start in this increasingly competitive world. The cost of higher education has been on the rise for many years from now. How can you make sure that the needed amount is available at the time your child is ready to go to School/ College/ University? You may find it difficult to come up with the funds unless you plan for it and save regularly. Even if you save regularly, can you still be sure that you will live long enough to complete the saving plan?

HAVE YOU EVER ASKED YOURSELF – “Will my ambition for my child’s future be achieved if I am not there?

Your child is dear to you and you cannot take any chance with his/her future. In the absence of your financial support, your family may have to cut down on their comfortable standard of living drastically and your child may not get the education you planned for him/her. Metlife Alico Bangladesh's Education Protection Plan Plus takes way the worries and uncertainties from your mind and provides your child a secured and complete life.

Anyone can select the period of the Education Protection Plan at which you want the policy proceeds to be paid. You can select any period from 10 to 25 years.

Payments at Maturity: - At plan maturity, the face Amount of the Policy PLUS Bonus(es) are paid. The money can be used to pay for higher education. Or if his/her has already completed education, money may be very helpful for starting his/her new career or marriage expenses.

Benefits of EPP PLUS:

                In case of Death –
A.      Future PREMIUMS under the policy will be WAIVED and the policy would continue till the maturity of the policy.
B.      INCOME for EDUCATION equal to 1% of the face Amount will be paid EVERY MONTH to the insured child till the maturity of the policy, and
C.      At Maturity, he/she would receive the Face Amount with Bonus(es).

In the unfortunate event of the child’s loss of life before the plan’s maturity, Face Amount plus accrued Bonus(es) are payable, subject to Juvenile Endorsement.

                Personal Accidental Coverage –

                If you qualify for accidental coverage, this plan also provides the following additional benefits:

 Disability Benefit –
                For a small additional premium, you can add Disability Protection Raider (DPR) that provides: -
                In the event of your Total and Permanent Disability due to Sickness or Accident:
1.       Future premium will be waived.
2.       Income equal to 1% of the Face Amount will be paid Every Month to the Child till the maturity of the policy, and
3.       At maturity, he/she would receive the Face Amount with Bonuses.

If you are interested to build your child’s future easy and smooth with financial protection please click the below picture:

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